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How to choose a proper Chinese shopfitting supplier ?
Verify if Professional: As for some very professional questions of your target products, you can filter some who is much professional among hundreds potential suppliers.
Verify Price: Ask for prices from different supplier for same product.
Verify Quality: See the factory management, factory facilities, or ask for samples.
Verify Service: A good supplier usually reply your enquiry quickly, efficiently and professionally.
These are shortly speaking, for more details, please check this article "How to choose a proper Chinese shopfitting supplier?". And the best way is your visiting the factory anyway.

I have some unpleasant experience buy from China. What's your comments on this? And for what reasons your company lost customers if there's any?
It's a tough question, China product quality have a big improvement in recent 10 years, Take the shopping products for example, I personally thinking 80% China supplier can produce the product without big mistakes (just so so level), around 50% suppliers can produce quality products (ok level), 20% suppliers can produce better quality products (good level). 10% supplier can produce perfect products, very accurate in all key aspects (perfect level). It depends how standard you require, and how you choose the supplier.

Every company have lost customers unavoidable for some reasons, In my remember, most of our lost customers left us are none of our reasons. and 40% of our clients and partners are long-terms-based more than 7 years.

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