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Heavy duty loading capacity cargo trolleys, pallet trolley,widely used for warehouse for material handling. Please contact us to get the price list and more information. Email us at Email us to get the price list and more information

LHC-01 warehouse cargo trolleys
LHC-02 warehouse cargo trolleys
LHC-03 warehouse cargo trolleys
LHC-04 warehouse cargo trolleys

LHC-05 warehouse cargo trolleys
pallet trolley, warehouse trolley A
Pallet trolley A
pallet cargo trolley, warehouse trolley B
Pallet trolley B
cargo trolley, warehouse trolley C
Pallet trolley C

Model Specifications Capacity Casters Finished/Coating
L×W×H(mm) (kg) (mm) Powder Zinc Chrome
LHC-1 1010×580×1030 200 5"   O O
LHC-2 910×510×930 200 5" O O  
LHC-3 1400×720×1040 400 5" O O  
LHC-4 1520×930×930 500 6"     O
LHC-5 1520×730×930 500 6"     O
pallet trolley A 1030×700×970 1000 5" O    
pallet trolley B 900×600×910 800 5" O    
pallet trolley C 800×500×880 500 5" O    

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