Material handling equipment and warehouse facilities from China

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Sumetall supplying wide range material handling equipments for supermarkets and warehouses, including storage racking and shelving,cargo trolleys, roll containers, wire cages and containers, climb ladder carts, aluminum ladders, pallet trucks, jacks and electric stackers. For more information, please Email us at Email us to get the price list and more information

Storage Rackings, Pallet rack, Longspan shelving
storage shelvings
cargo trolleys, material handling equipments
cargo tolleys
cargo trolleys, material handling equipments
warehouse trolleys
cargo trolleys, material handling equipments
cargo trolleys

roll containers, material handling equipments
roll containers
wire cages, material handling equipments
wire cages
climb ladder carts A
climb ladder A
climb ladder carts B
ladder cart B


climb ladder carts C
ladder cart C
pallet trucks, pallet jacks
pallet trucks
lift tables
lift tables
electric stackers
electric stackers

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