OEM shop fitting according to customer's requirement

OEM shopfitting process according to Customer's drawing, samples, concept.A Temporary deputed project director in charge whole process of new product development.

Firstly, Geting customer's inquiry, and discussing technical details and requirement. Then quote estimated price for customer estimate cost.

After customer's confirmation and sampling order, then sumetall start make tooling or moulding. Usually need 15 days to produce first batch samples. Sumetall will test and rectify samples untill it meet customer's full requirement. Then notice customers come to check samples or send out samples to customer for evaluation. until customer's acceptance.

After samples accepted, then start to discuss particular orders, including items, quantity, prices, lead times, payment terms etc.

After customer's offical order, then go to production line. From material cutting, bending, punching,welding,grinding to polishing, till the semi products come out. At the sample time, QC process accompany with the production process, less inferior products can pass to next surface treatment process.

Surface treatment ( powder coating, zinc plating, chrome plating ). After surface treatment, packing workers and QCs check each product to ensure all is well, before products goes into cartons.

Inspection by independent QCs / Inspection company / Customer self, After inspection, Reject / Eliminate / Or further Improvement required

After Goods approved, Shipping agent booking the container, we'll load the containe and transport to Shanghai sea port for loading vessel.

If there's any doubts and questions, or need more information. please feel free to contact us. sales department.enquiry@sumetall.com

New shopfittings designing and OEM manufcture products