Research and Development, Design, OEM manufacturing

technical design departmentSumetall always thinks about following three major questions:
(1) What can lead a industry growing continuously ?
(2) What can make a company keeps on top of the industry?
(3) How can you gain more trust from your customers ?
Our answers are Quality assurance, Innovation, Sincerity and Integrity.

Among this, Innovation is one of the most important thing in today's and future industry. Innovation idea and design ability becomes a power for any future moving. With an R&D team of 16 engineers to constantly design new products and control technical issues, Sumetall invest averagely $200,000.00 investment as New-Product-Develop budget fund yearly. You can find sumetall always have more wide product range. And also, making customized products is part of our business.

If you already samples, design drawings, or even a sketch. sumetall can make out a perfect product to your requirement. (click to see more OEM products)
customer's design
You design
customer's sketch
your sketch
SuMetall made prototype sample
we produced

If you do not have samples, no drawings, or actually have no such existing product on the world yet, you just have a concept in mind. No problem, please describe us what's that like, we can design and producing for you. (click to see more designs)

Customer's description, concept, idea
You describe
SuMetall's design
we design
SuMetall made prototype sample
we produced

Sometimes, your customers ask for complete solutions when you bid for a project. there are many complicated works to do, so maybe you have problems and missing the project. Now sumetall can offer some helps on design new products, or make a supermarlet layout etc. (click to see more shop layout projects)

Customer's difficulty
You difficulty
SuMetall's design work
we design
Layout a supermarket
we layout

We welcome you join us with your new concepts, deigns. we can cooperate to creat a bright future. For more info about Metal Shelving from china supplier, please visit the new special website: please contact us by .

How we process an OEM shop fitting project

OEM process for a shopping productFirstly, Geting customer's inquiry, and discussing technical details and requirement. Then quote estimated price for customer estimate cost.

After customer's confirmation and sampling order, then sumetall start make tooling or moulding. Usually need 15 days to produce first batch samples. Sumetall will test and rectify .......